Al-Iraq Setup


  • Our SETUP has been carefully designed to accommodate the business requirement in this market and this includes the appropriate management facilities located in prime area in Baghdad.


  • Warehousing facilities are available on the need basis with careful considerations to security needs and appropriate environment control to meet the strict conditions to store Medical and Pharmaceutical goods.


  • Al-Iraq has a unique knowledge and insight at our customer’s (MOH) working system, Procedures, Management structure, Culture and attitude that allows us to understand their objective needs. This advantage has been utilized to positively interact smoothly with our customers that gives us a clear feedback and vital information that is very hard to access.


  • Total professional staff in Iraq 15 in addition to 3 major drug stores owned by our bureau with their staff. And we have group of cars to transport drugs from the office to any place.and we have sells men in baghdad and all place in Iraq